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Christmas Card Photo Session Tips


It’s that time of year again, when we get the family together to take holiday photos to send out to friends and family letting them know that you are thinking about them.

However, taking a family photograph is not the easiest thing to do. You have conflicting schedules, getting the kids to act right, what to wear, and trying to get everyone to participate.

Well our photographers here at, AT YOUR SERVICE MEDIA got together and came up with a few tips to help minimize stress while saving you a couple of headaches during this season. Thank you for being part of the A.Y.S. Media Family, and for making us apart of your holiday tradition.

  1. Coordinate outfits, but do not match: Every single year you see families and their pets in the same Christmas themed outfits for their Christmas photographs. It’s cute, but somewhat played out, and doesn’t express much personality from each individual. Our suggestion is to pick a color scheme , then add different patterns, shades and textures.

  2. Avoid big logos or patterns: Big logos and patterns take attention away from the people in the photo because the eye tends to focus on the logo and not the subject.

  3. Show “Your” personality: If your family is real bubbly or silly it should be shown. People know you in real life so there’s no need to cover that up.

  4. Don’t wear too much makeup: You’re here for a family photo, so you don’t want to be the main attraction because it's about your family. If you do decide to wear makeup be sure not to steal the show.

  5. Get the kids involved: Let them pick out what what they want to wear as long as it goes with the theme. It adds their personalities to the photos. Most of the times these sessions are a little unpleasant for the kids because they don’t like what they have on. Let them add a few fun poses to the mix as well that you all can enjoy as a family.

  6. Make a day out of your session: Plan a fun family activity that the kids can look forward too after your session. This activity can be used as an incentive to keep the little ones smiling.

  7. Forget saying Happy Holidays or Cheese: Natural moment are best!! They show personality!

  8. Relax: Enjoy the experience of being in front of the camera. Throw all of your worries out of the window and enjoy the moment.

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