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Senior Session Guide

What to expect

We at A.Y.S. Media want to make sure that you are ready for your session. We recommend booking your session at least a month in advance, so that you have enough time to prepare, for your session.

Once you've booked your session, we will plan a styles set based on your hobbies, activities, or anything you envision. Perhaps you play a sport or an instrument we can incorporate that into your shoot. We love shooting outdoor, but if you prefer a controled envrioment we do have a full imaging studio.

Choosing Outfits

Right after you book your session it's your time to get ready! Start thinking of outfit ideas, pulling clothes from your closet, go shopping for any special items, or hire yourself a stylist. Also, save the make looks, and hairstyles that you like to a Pintrest board to show your makeup artist.

Most clients bring 2 -3 outfits - usually a mix of casual and dressy looks. We always recommend having at least one outfit that your parents like too!

Day of Your Session

Be prepared for your hair and makeup appointments. Have your outfits and accessories together on hangers. After hair and makeup is complete, look over your outfits and choose the order that you'll change into them. Then we will head out to your location, and your photo session will begin. Don't worry if you do not know what to do, i'll be there to guide you along the way. Relax and have fun.

After Your Session

Roughly 2 weeks after your photo session, we'll have your session Premiere. It's your oppurtunity to choose all of your favorites and decide hoe you want to display your photos. Whether it's an album, prints, or wall portraits we will design the products that are included in the collection you have selected or a la carte products.

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